Corfin to exhibit at the 2015 DMSMS Show

DMSMS 2015, Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2015, Phoenix, AZ -

The Department’s priorities and strategy has been set in the 2014 QDR, which calls for a smaller force with technological advantage while still protecting readiness.  This strategy will be difficult in the current resource-constrained environment, where the Department must balance the key elements of modernization, readiness, and the technology base. One crucial factor is the relationship between readiness and modernization.  As investments in modernization are deferred, the cost of readiness increases, sometimes resulting in a net loss. However, using proactive and highly integrated DMSMS practices, we can reverse this cycle.  Better DMSMS management and investments can actually deliver increased readiness while freeing funds for modernization of critical systems, thus resulting in a net gain.

The critical issue at hand is how to best balance investments in readiness, such as DMSMS mitigation, with modernization of defense systems where needed for capability or life cycle cost savings.  DMSMS management practices have to part of the overall system engineering process, so that these tradeoffs and investment decisions are well defined and visible.

The best practices in DMSMS will continue to push awareness and mitigation early in the design and development cycle, applying improved forecasting analytics and parts management across the services, utilizing the digital thread throughout the life cycle,   and providing visibility into potential DMSMS threats along the life cycle.  Anti-counterfeiting technologies and standards will comprehensively track inventories and actively provide trusted components.  This conference will provide a balanced spectrum of DMSMS practices to improve DoD affordability.

Corfin’s CTO Don Tyler appointed to the USNC delegation to represent the USNC/IEC at the IEC/TC 107 meeting.