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Component Solutions

Robotic Hot Solder Dip

US Navy qualified process removes 100% of the pure tin and replaces it with SnPb (tin-lead) to prevent tin whiskers. Parts can be processed per GEIA-STD-0006.

BGA Reballing

Corfin’s BGA Reballing process flushes all lead-free balls and alloy residue from the pads resulting in 100% pad alloy replacement ensuring the strongest solder joint. Parts can be processed per IEC TS62647-4.

Lead Preparation

Forms and trims straight leads for surface mount or through-hole components per the customer’s drawing or Corfin Industries can propose a drawing. An RHSD process typically follows this process to coat leads and prevent oxidization.

Lead Attach

Reduce solder joint stress by attaching J-shape and L-shape leads to LCCs using thermocompression bonding.

Test and Inspection

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (AM)

Uses sound waves to non-destructively view the inside of molded packages, AM can detect delamination outside the limits of J-STD-020 to ensure a long service life free of internal corrosion.

X-Ray Inspection

2D x-Ray Analysis System, to see what traditional microscopy cannot, including obscured joints beneath BGAs, QFNs and other components.

Fine and Gross Leak Testing

Also referred to as Seal or Hermeticity Test, this test verifies that the hermetic seal of a component is intact and typically follows trim and form and/or RHSD of a glass seal device.

X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF)

Determines the percentage and thickness of Lead (Pb) and other elements in termination finishes.

PCB Solutions


We specialize in extremely difficult assembly — we can produce a small number of intricate PCBs at the same tolerances and specifications as a large-scale job produced by a tier one manufacturer. Small volumes and complex geometries don’t limit the staff at Corfin.


We specialize in complex projects involving package-on-package, LGA, QFN, CSP and other components that present real challenges to those without the right experience and equipment.

Component Harvesting

An obsolete, long-lead time, or high-priced device mounted on a circuit assembly can be removed, refinished, and verified for re-use by the original source, saving countless costs in redesign efforts or replacement.

Support Solutions

Tape & Reel

Surface mount assembly equipment enjoys high efficiency when parts are presented in carrier tape. Corfin places components in Tape and Reel in the quantities desired to satisfy immediate production demands. Custom tape requirements are readily accommodated.


Components are packaged in quantities and packaging that are ready to issue to the Assembly line. Kitting often includes component solutions and kits can be inventoried at Corfin Industries and partial quantities shipped per schedule or request from the customer.

Bake and Package

Moisture sensitive devices are processed, maintained, and packaged with great consideration of the potential damage caused by moisture absorption into the package.

Marking and Labeling

Devices can be identified as altered by ink dot, laser etch, and other physical marking methods, as well as relabeling of packaging, including use of barcode.