Salem, New Hampshire – December 14, 2018 – Corfin Industries LLC today announced the acquisition of eTECH-Web Corporation. eTECH performs a variety of electronics rework and repair services for military, aerospace, medical industries. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

eTECH was founded in 2003 and is based in Round Rock, TX. The company provides BGA reballing and rework, Engineering Changes, specialized circuit card assembly, and PCB rework and repair services.

Donald Tyler, President and CEO of Corfin Industries, said, “This acquisition demonstrates Corfin’s strategic commitment to expand the services and capacity we offer to our defense, commercial aerospace, space and healthcare customers. We look forward to working with the eTECH team as we integrate the company into Corfin’s operations.”

About Corfin Industries

Corfin Industries ( performs a variety of component preparation services. With proprietary technology and processes, Corfin’s Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD) process is proven to safely mitigate the risk of Tin Whiskers by robotically refinishing Pb-free COTS component terminations with tin-lead (SnPb). This process eliminates the tin whisker risk, restores solder joint reliability and refinishes components to reliable defense industry standards. In addition, Corfin offers gold mitigation services, BGA re-balling, trim and form services, re-conditioning of bent leads and lead-attachment to LCC packages.

About eTECH

eTECH-Web ( provides BGA rework, engineering changes and PCB rework and repair services. For over 10 years the corporation has developed key competencies in the area of BGA Reballing – serving markets in military, aerospace, medical and other high-tech sectors with a specialization in high reliability applications. The company has earned a reputation in the marketplace as offering superior customer service, quality, flexibility and value.