March 28, 2019 | Corfin Industries LLC

Corfin Industries’ New Hampshire facility Achieves First Ever Nadcap Accreditation for AC7120/11 Rev A – Refinishing of Electronic Components

Nadcap congratulates Corfin Industries on being the first company to successfully passing the AC7120/11 Refinishing of Electronic Components audit and obtaining Nadcap accreditation.

“Corfin Industries is pleased to be the first company accredited to AC7120/11 Refinishing of Electronic Components.  As an active member of Nadcap we understand the value that accreditation provides to the aerospace and defense industry.” said Don Tyler, President and CEO of Corfin Industries.  “Corfin Industries prides itself on our quality of service and commitment to excellence. Nadcap accreditation further demonstrates our unwavering passion to be the best source for the refinishing of electronic components using Robotic Hot Solder Dip and BGA reballing.”

Nadcap accreditation for AC7120/11 Refinishing of Electronic Components has been achieved by Corfin Industries as a result of effort they have invested in meeting stringent industry and customer requirements.

“Congratulations to Corfin Industries’ New Hampshire facility for gaining Nadcap accreditation in recognition of their compliant Refinishing of Electronic Components activity, which has been acknowledged as satisfying stringent industry and customer requirements,” said Michael J. Hayward, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute.