Coating and Underfill

Conformal Coat

The most perfectly performed rework and assembly can be quickly ruined by environmental exposure. Corfin technicians understand how to choose the right coating chemistry for your device, and make sure the coating is applied precisely.

Environmental stresses can make some coatings ineffective. In the same way that we choose an underfill based on variations in temperature, moisture levels, vibration resistance, and other expected considerations, our technicians understand how to balance moisture, temperature variation, chemical exposure and other factors to choose the right conformal coating for your boards.

Coatings are applied using precise methods, creating a breach-free coat of exactly the right thickness. Coatings can then be cured using UV light or one of our five ovens.


Underfilling can dramatically extend the useful life of a device, protecting solder joints from extreme temperature changes, vibration, chemical exposure and other environmental stresses, while ensuring that devices work efficiently and experience the longest possible useful life.

We perform capillary underfill for devices that require the most stable adhesion. Underfill is placed alongside the component and heated, allowing capillary action (sometimes referred to as “wicking”) to pull the material into even the tightest interstitial spaces. We also routinely perform side and corner underfill to enhance a board’s stability.

Several underfill materials are available. Our technicians know how to choose the right material for your project, addressing component requirements and expected environmental stresses to choose an underfill with the right thermal properties and chemistry to produce the best result for the device. We also work with OEM field application engineers to determine the right underfill or conformal coating for each PCB.

Both reworkable and non-reworkable underfill materials are available, allowing for future rework and prototype testing.

Once applied, underfills are cured using an oven or our 400-watt UV curing system.