X-Ray Florescence (XRF)

Determines the percentage and thickness of Lead (Pb) and other elements in termination finishes.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (AM)

Uses sound waves to non-destructively view the inside of molded packages, AM can detect delamination outside the limits of J-STD-020 to ensure a long service life free of internal corrosion.


X-ray technology is one of the best possible ways to find faults of all kinds: poor wetting and insufficient reflow, joint density, ball irregularities, bridges between solder balls, voiding, shorts, and so on.  Our X-ray inspection can be automated, enabling eTech to set inspection parameters and process a large volume of PCBs quickly.


Our on staff IPC-certified trainer is part of our commitment to our customers certification to the most recent standards, IPC-A-610. This certification, published in 2010, covers quality control for the newest electronics assembly procedures and components, including board-in-board and package-on-package assemblies, Pb-free, new SMT termination styles, and advances in mechanical assemblies, cleaning, coating and laminates