Robotic Hot Solder Dip

Corfin pioneered Robotic Hot Solder Dip technology – the only process approved by the TMTI report to eliminate the risk of tin whiskers without damaging the component – and our technicians have dedicated over 25 years to maintaining a mastery over component preparation solutions with Corfin RHSD machinery. From dip depth, dwell times, temperatures, continuous chemical monitoring and proprietary processes, no one in the industry comes close to the precise controls of Corfin’s RHSD equipment. We are able to service components efficiently, accurately and repeatably. Here are some of the solutions we provide using RHSD:

  • Tin Whisker Elimination. US Navy qualified process removes 100% of the pure tin and replaces it with SnPb (tin-lead) to prevent tin whiskers. Parts can be processed per GEIA-STD-0006. For more information, click here to download our Tin Whisker Brochure.
  • Lead-Free Solder Joint Weakness Prevention. Prevents weak solder joints by removing all of the lead-free finish and replacing it with tin-lead.
  • Refinishing with Tin/Lead, Lead-free, and Custom Solder Alloys The flexibility of Corfin’s equipment and parameters allow for refinishing to a wide variety of alloys to satisfy typical to exotic requirements.
  • Restoration of Solderability. Corrects finishes affected by poor quality plating, oxidation, foreign material, or after removal from printed circuit assemblies.
  • Gold Removal per J-STD-001. Removes gold in the effective seating plane and replaces it with SnPb.
  • RoHS Compliance. Removes the lead-bearing alloy and replaces it with SAC305 (tin-silver-copper) or any other specified alloy.