Gordon Murray Pirie
(1943 – 2017)

With great sadness, I share the news of the passing of our good friend and Corfin lndustries’ representative in the United Kingdom, Mr. Gordon Pirie. He was readily recognized by his full head of white hair and perfectly cut suit, decorated by a handkerchief properly folded in his jacket breast pocket.

Gordon was 73 years old and leaves behind family and close friends; many of these were also business colleagues and members of the British government. His lasting contributions to Corfin’s business are immeasurable and he will be greatly missed as a friend and colleague.

Gordon planned for his eventual withdrawal from full-time involvement in his company, Testime Technology Ltd., and had recently transferred operations to Mr. Robbie Burns, who will continue to represent Corfin Industries in the United Kingdom.

Donald F. Tyler
President / CEO